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Why I Started Yachting

I always knew that my mental and spiritual anatomy required something different in life to what I thought was expected of me. I have never been interested in a conventional lifestyle; I was never inspired to follow the 9 to 5 grind , buying a house, anchoring myself to a mortgage, husband or kids before I got able to experience everything I wanted to during my 20s. And growing up in Puerto Rico, I knew I always wanted to be near the water. I have always felt that I was a pirate in my past life. In my final semester of college, I was scrambling to figure out what I was going to do after graduating. I had zero idea on what to do. I saw others around me finding jobs left and right, and… well, I was still uncertain about my future. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was playing a game of tug of wars between what I knew I wanted and what I thought others wanted for me. And I lost the game. I fell into the most convenient option of working in a 9 to 5 in the same city where I graduated.

A year into my 9-to-5 job, I accepted the truth: I was unhappy. This came to me after months of dreading to wake up, being burdened to go outside and lacking any sort of dopamine. I despised working at a desk, but I kept pushing that feeling away for as long as I could because I wanted to make my parents proud. I wanted to feel like a successful member of society, with a good paying stable job. I wanted to be like everyone else in my workplace. But these desires came at the cost of my mental health— I knew deep down this life was not meant for me, but I set that aside in fear of being seen as a “failure”. I strived to stay afloat for as long as I could because I knew the second I caved into the desire to leave, it would be all I could think of. And inevitably, it happened. One morning I woke up and it all hit me at once…

Am I going to waste my 20s like this?

Is this really going to be the rest of my life?

Am I too weak to do anything about it?

What other choice do I have?

I felt so defeated, helpless and weak… My boyfriend, who had embraced an unconventional path as a musical theater actor, became my source of inspiration. I began brainstorming alternatives, searching for a way to make my dreams come true.

I could go home for a bit… but what would I do?

I could take a few years off, travel and backpack… but shit, I’d go broke instantly.

I could do this, I could do that… but everything I thought of would not accomplish my goal for whatever rhyme or reason.

I could stay at this job forever, accomplish the fucking American dream, make good money… but I’d be unhappy for the rest of my life.

Instantly I remembered my forgotten dream of working on a boat…

I could work on a boat, while traveling to new places, meeting new people, and making money at the same time?


Throughout high school and college, I would (somewhat jokingly) say “I want to work on a boat!” But no one ever took me seriously. I guess I had forgot about this because it felt so far fetched and unrealistic to me that I had buried it deep in my memories. When I (somewhat jokingly) brought it up to my boyfriend, his immediate response was “Why not? You should do it!” For the first time, someone had validated my... somewhat joke (dream).

I started watching YouTube videos, reading other blogs, and of course, watching Below Deck, and eventually reading several books that covered the industry. It started to feel more realistic as I was doing my research. I knew what I needed to do to join and crafted a plan to do this. I calculated a plan where I could leave my job once my lease was up without screwing anyone over, and at the same time have enough money to afford the courses I needed to yacht and housing. I wanted this so bad that I was not going to let anything get in the way of this. This felt so special to me because I felt like I had ownership over it. I had the ability to change my life and do something *I* wanted to do, and follow my gut.

Fast forward a year, I have just now concluded my first month of yachting, and could not be more happy with my decision. It’s so crazy that this was only a mere idea about a year ago, and now it is my reality. In this short time I have already been to Georgia, North Carolina, Maine, and Rhode Island. In another month from now I will be in the Bahamas. If I had done nothing, I could still be at my old job.

I want to share this story to remind everyone that they have the power to transform their lives and chase their wildest, most far-fetched dreams. The fear of being labeled a "failure" should not hold you back. Your happiness and fulfillment should always be your compass. It's never too late to set sail in pursuit of your own adventures.

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This is a great post! So inspiring! SLAY QUEEN!



On New Years Eve, I asked for a sign for 2023-- am I making the right decision? 


My dad is a huge Phish head, and so we tune into their live NYE concert every year. At midnight in Puerto Rico (which is an hour behind from US EST), this song played. This has been my all time favorite Phish/Trey song since I first heard it many years ago. 


This was my sign that I was on the right path. 


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